Editor’s Note: Ben Schwelling lives in Longmont, Colorado.  He was raised Jewish and doesn’t have any plans of joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but did leave a wonderful comment on our LDS SMILE Group Page of how a  simple visit to Temple Square changed his life.

“I am NOT Mormon, I was raised Jewish. But I visited Temple Square once and the feeling that came over me was unlike any other I ever felt. An Overwhelming sensation of peace.

Ever since, I have been the biggest fan of the Mormon religion. I know this may seem weird but we have a framed copy of the family a proclamation to the world hanging both downstairs and upstairs of our house. We have a book of Mormon embossed with our name on it in gold. Angel Moroni statue in our living room on a bookshelf . When we got married instead of saying till death do you part, we said for time and eternity and gave credit to Mormon teaching.

And I have the Book of Mormon as well as the Gospels app on my phone. I am not interested in converting or anything but I sincerely love Mormonism. I also wear a CTR ring and every time I see a missionary I send them into bewilderment with this story. The BYU XM radio station is usually on, and on Christmas the BYU TV station was what we played for background.

If I was Christian, or if I ever get baptized it will undoubtedly be with the Mormon Church. Thank you for doing what you do around the world, thank you for my experience at Temple Square, and thank you for your teachings which have made me a better father with a stronger family. God bless”

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