9 Things that Singles Hate About the Holidays

Being Constantly Reminded of the Fact that You’re Single by Your Extended Family

Die alone merry christmas


Having family/holiday games so perfectly set up for couples to pair off

Nothing says holiday fun than having to be paired up yet again with your 7 year old little sister. Once in a while is all in good fun but seriously, how does every game end up being Couples vs you and your much too little to play this game little sibling?
It isn't fair

Having your family and friends utilize every event/party to set you up with someone.

It’s not that we don’t enjoy the occasional blind date but for some reason it seems that everyone and their dog wants to set you up during the holidays which basically makes the holidays one incredibly long blind date marathon that you have to endure.
how romantic

Being told that everything happens for a reason.

Why do we hate hearing this? 1)It’s hard to prove at the time. 2) Even if everything does happen for a reason, you can barely figure out how to work your stove. There’s no way you’re going to know what that reason is. 3) It’s still not that helpful, and when uttered after a breakup, only leads to more over analyzing. Which no one ever needs.

Being given any advice that starts with the following sentence “You could find someone if you just…”

Nothing will make a single individual want to go all Sparta on you than you telling them how everything that they are doing in their love life is wrong.

Having Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all smashed into basically one month

For all of the reasons mentioned above, there’s just no break from it. It’s just one thing after another and a constant reminder of the fact that we are still single


Seriously, who came up with this? Clearly not a single person. Where does a mistletoe even grow?

Having every holiday ad shove love right down our throats

Holiday christmas ads love


Waking up alone on Christmas


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