What If It Had Been Three Wise Women That Showed Up?

three wise women


Three Wise Women

We have all heard the story of the three wise men that brought gifts to baby Jesus. However, it probably would have been a lot different situation had it been three wise women that showed up instead. For instances:

First and foremost the women would have showed up on time.

Did you realize that the wise men didn’t appear until Jesus was a young child? In Matthew 2:11 it states

“And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother…”

First it says that they had come into the house not a manger. Secondly it states young child not infant. What took the wise men so long to get to baby Jesus? Honestly they probably got lost and refused to ask for directions. Had it been women instead, they would have asked for direction as opposed to simply following the vague direction of a star.

Having been on time, they would have been able to help clean up the stable

It’s not because they are simply women that would have helped clean the stable but more to the point that it is hard to help clean a stable when you are a few years late in arriving.

They would have wrapped the gold, frankincense and myrrh

I mean seriously, who gives a gift without wrapping it? That’s definitely something only a guy would do.

In addition to the gold, and frankincense, and myrrh they would have brought along practical gifts as well

Gold, frankincense and myrrh is good and all but diapers would have been nice. Perhaps some infant toys or blankets would have helped as well? Also, they most likely would have brought over some casserole or other food for the couple for dinner along with some kind of dessert.

Their conversations as they left would have been priceless

All women love to talk about the cute babies after they leave and these wise women would have been no different. I can imagine the conversation now…”Did you see baby Jesus? He looks nothing like Joseph at all.” Or “Want to bet how on how long it will take to get your casserole dish back?”


They would have asked Mary “is there anything we can do for you?”

Because that’s the inner visiting teacher coming out in all women along with leaving an inspirational message and a closing prayer.

They would have stayed in touch

I mean, did the wise men get abducted by aliens when they left? Why is it that you never hear of them again? You would think that if you had the glorious opportunity to see Jesus face to face that you would want to spend as much time with Him as possible. Honestly it’s probably because they had the mindset of simply leaving the family alone and minding their own business whereas the three wise women would have set up play dates with their kids, had him over for sleepovers and pretty much done everything with the family growing up.

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7 Replies to “What If It Had Been Three Wise Women That Showed Up?”

  1. I object! First off, they didn’t even know casseroles existed. Second, they had to take that long because of (insert the king’s name in here)’s plot to kill Jesus. Third, how do you keep in touch if letters were very unreliable. Fourth, the wise men didn’t live anywhere near Jesus. Fifth, wouldn’t you want to go home after spending several years traveling. Sixth, how would you wrap money? As in, say you had about a thousand dollars to give someone for their birthday (that would be totally cool) and you couldn’t give it to them in check, so what would you do to give it to them? Put it in a box or something.

    1. The Magi did not live that far away. One dish cooking has been around longer than any other kind of cooking so a nice Casserole would have been expected.

  2. To begin with the fact that they made the trip at all shows a great deal of faith in their skills as necromancers and astrologers. Following spiritual instructions are not always an straight forward kind of thing , like a “voice from heaven” Sometimes it takes a few tries to find out the real intention is of some message received form the sprit world. Their wives would have probably gotten them there on time with the proper kind of gifts but they were busy keeping house and home running while their men were off finding the savior of mankind. Women are a bit to practical for hat kind of quest, if they went there would be nothing for the savior of mankind to save.

  3. Three wise men were exactly what the Lord needed to fulfill His purposes in His time. They arrived at exactly the right time with exactly the right gifts. (They arrived with the news that got the little family out of Herod’s reach in time, with gifts that could finance the trip and the stay in Egypt!) Our Heavenly Father got three wise men who would listen to His Spirit and follow His directions, the last thing He needed was three pushy broads who thought they knew more than God.

  4. I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. I found the article to be a funny SATIRE piece. Yes, everyone knows how wonderful and faithful and honorable the wise men are, and while this article might be a bit sexist towards men, its simply humorous and not meant to offend anyone.

  5. “…. three pushy broads”?, come on, John, lighten up! However, that said, even if it had been three women, the good folks who have edited The Bible over the centuries had a specific view of females. Given that view the gender would have been changed to male even if ladies had been the ones to make the trip.

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