8 things NOT to say when sharing the gospel

8 things not to say when sharing the gospel


“Your baptism wasn’t valid”

We believe that lack of priesthood equals lack of authority and validity, but that doesn’t mean that baptism before finding the true church was wrong or a waste of time. We need to remind investigators that prior baptisms were vital steps in their path toward finding the gospel and being prepared to commit yourself to the Lord. We need to show Christ-like love and compassion. Sensitivity needs to be discerned through the Holy Spirit.

“You’re not allowed in our temples”

Just because it’s true that you need to be a member and prepare yourself for going through the temple doesn’t mean you need to say it in a way that makes someone feel unworthy or unwanted. There are prerequisites to Temple worship that a person outside our faith would not be ready to accept. You shouldn’t feed a baby meat. Milk always comes first.

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