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1 – Trying to find an address that is right on the edge of the Orem/Provo boundary. You think you’re almost there and then BAM! the whole coordinate system changes.


2- Wondering if there will ever be a day construction will be finished on our roads.


3- The Winter Inversion


4- Utah’s Offense.


5- BYU’s Defense


6- Costco never having items in the same location at different stores.


7- Never getting the spelling right for kids born here in Utah

utah mormon baby names

8- I-15 Rush Hour Traffic (Watching the endless number of cars merging from 215 at 7200 south)

i15 utah traffic

9- Church that starts before 9:00 A.M. or after 2:30 P.M.

Sacrament Meeting

10- People thinking that Utah still looks like this


When in fact it looks like this


Bonus: Trying to figure out if it is Utahn or Utahan?

utahn or utahan