11 Things That Frustrate Utahans

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1 – Trying to find an address that is right on the edge of the Orem/Provo boundary. You think you’re almost there and then BAM! the whole coordinate system changes.


2- Wondering if there will ever be a day construction will be finished on our roads.


3- The Winter Inversion


4- Utah’s Offense.


5- BYU’s Defense


6- Costco never having items in the same location at different stores.


7- Never getting the spelling right for kids born here in Utah

utah mormon baby names

8- I-15 Rush Hour Traffic (Watching the endless number of cars merging from 215 at 7200 south)

i15 utah traffic

9- Church that starts before 9:00 A.M. or after 2:30 P.M.

Sacrament Meeting

10- People thinking that Utah still looks like this


When in fact it looks like this


Bonus: Trying to figure out if it is Utahn or Utahan?

utahn or utahan


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9 Replies to “11 Things That Frustrate Utahans”

  1. This sounds like whining about blessings to me. Looks like you are searching for something to complain about. And that’s frustrating. your so blessed.

  2. You know, not everyone in Utah lives in Utah County or loves the Cougs. There are some very faithful members who are Utes who live a little bit north of there. You know the place–where the headquarters of the Church are located! And I agree with Daniel–It’s Utahn, not U-tah-an, unless you’re from the South.

  3. What about how people think we practice polygamy, AND how SE Utah residents often feel as if they aren’t part of Utah because they are generally ignored on the news?

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