What’s Worse Than Anti-Mormons Bashing on Mormons?


Mormons bashing on Mormons

This is a topic that has been quite sensitive to me for quite some time. Maybe it’s because I’m naïve to think that it’s just a temporary phenomenon or something that is just applicable to a particular article or post, but I’ve seen it happen to so many people that I know now and in so many different situations that I know that it’s not a one-time issue.

When anti Mormons start trolling or try to hijack a thread, it really doesn’t bother me that much. Mainly because I can understand to some degree their perspective and their motivations and ultimately, the fact that others don’t usually listen to what they are saying anyways. However, it does pain me when I see members attacking other members in such destructive ways and spending so much time and energy criticizing the good intentions and content that other members are producing.

I’ve seen this Mormon on Mormon bashing with messages that had nothing but good intentions such as the Mormon Message video that was released a few months ago. I have seen it personally with amazing individuals such as Al Carraway who has received some of the nastiest e-mails from members attacking her personal worthiness and example to others. I’ve seen it personally on our own page when people attack us and tell us that we should probably just leave the church because there is nothing wholesome about our site. It happens on our newsfeed, in the various LDS FB groups that we’re a part of and even in church meetings that we attend.

Critics will say that Mormons are just this way or that this is a byproduct of Mormon culture. However, taking a look at the bigger picture it’s not a “Mormon” thing, but rather a “Human” thing. This tear-down mentality exists in every aspect of our communities, in entertainment, and our lives. We see it all the time in politics, in interviews and in the comments section of articles. Even though it’s not simply a “Mormon” thing, I would hope that as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we would hold ourselves to a higher standard. I would hope that we will raise the level of our discourse and improve the way we communicate our ideas or disagreements to others.

You don’t have to agree with the message 100% to see the value of the message. You may not agree fully with the way the message was presented but you can still see the overall point that they are trying to make. As opposed to being so nitpicky as to minor details of a great message, why don’t we try to see the good that we can internalize from it and use it to help improve our own life and those around us? There is so much good that is lost when people just focus on one particular issue within a post/article/video that they may disagree with.

I see much more leniency towards the good messages of other religions than our own sometimes. If we can find the good from a message of another’s religion even though we disagree with them on many other issues, why can’t we find the good from like-minded individuals within our own religion? Even if you don’t agree at all with a message that the church produces, why don’t you create and share your own inspirational message to others? As opposed to just focusing on criticizing, why don’t you take the energy that you would have used to argue and make negative statements and turn it into something positive?

47226It’s hard for me to see individuals who constantly bring down the tremendous efforts of others to do good in this world but yet do nothing of their own accord to do likewise. It’s absolutely ok to disagree or not like the way a particular message is portrayed. We all have different experiences and perspectives that the way we view these messages will not always be the same.
However, instead of trying to tear down the good work of others, why not try to produce our own great content to be shared with the world? If you feel like your viewpoint isn’t being captured, instead of trolling a website, create your own great content that does capture the viewpoint that you feel may be missing.

We’re in the Christmas season, a season where we tend to focus on the best aspects of our society, of our neighbors and friends. It’s my hope that we can continue this atmosphere of trying to find the best in others throughout the year and not just during the holiday season. I hope that instead of tearing down one another’s efforts, that we as members of the church can help strengthen each other and the tremendous work that we are all doing.

There’s so much good work that needs to be done and opportunities to help in the world than for us to trivially spend our time and energy on bringing each other down or filling a comment thread with negative comments. We’ve all fallen into this trap at times (myself included) but that doesn’t mean we can’t change to make a much more positive impact on the world around us.



10 Replies to “What’s Worse Than Anti-Mormons Bashing on Mormons?”

  1. How do I find that video? she’s strong to post a her message to keep smiling. No one should tell anyone else they should just take their life. It’s sad.

  2. I like most of the things posted on this page. What I do not like is everytime I dare to read the comments it’s almost gurenteed that someone was offended over nothing. If we can have at the very least, one expectation of members, it’s that we should hold to a standard of being more mature about things. Then again we all have to face trials.. so if you’re convinced you’re perfectly worthy and need to shame otheres for not being so, well then you too just failed the test. God loves all of his children. D&C 64:10

  3. This site makes me giggle (for the most part). We need to be able to laugh at ourselves and see each other in another set of eyes. It’s too bad that humor has turned some into even more disagreeable individuals. If this site offends you….don’t come here. Other people come to see the “human-ness” in our own culture…..and giggle. When I read posts like this one, it saddens me. I guess there are just going to be some out there who delight in the put-down and attacks. It has become so much of who they are. They should be ashamed of themselves. I feel sorry for them.

  4. Just because your site doesn’t post spiritually profound things every time you post doesn’t mean it isn’t wholesome. Honestly I love dominos here and seeing the ‘stuff Mormons do’ and things like that because it makes me laugh at how easily our behavior can be captured using a simple picture or gif.

  5. Amen. I don’t understand this. I don’t understand the Utah bashing either. We are supposed to have unity, not rip each other apart.

  6. I have no problem with someones personal goodwill or charity, or even a charitable organizations. That would be ridiculous! But your church as an organization is more shady and corrupt than you think, just think of their complete lack of financial transparency! If you look at the housing records for the B15 (exmormon word, big 15, including the 12 apostles the prophet and his counselors) you see that each of them that supposedly only receive a humble stipend from the church has hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars worth of real estate.

  7. Wait……what is un-wholesome about this site? This site is hilarious and only points out how much mormonism has become a culture…which is awesome….am I missing something? Where has this site torn anything down?

  8. I like your site because it doesn’t seem one sided. It’s not all about just the church, we live in a real world, not a bubble. So Thanks….

  9. I’m LDS and I look forward to your emails. I don’t have a problem with what is on your site. People that do have a problem are being judgmental or more appropriately, being self-righteous, The scriptures says, remove the beam in your eye before trying to remove the mote in someone else’s eye. If we were to make sure that our lives are clean, we wouldn’t have time trying to clean up someone else’s life. Because we are responsible for our own sins, and can’t change anyone else but ourselves. Of course everyone who posts these negative comments, won’t see themselves as the one having the problem. Ans as long as you don’t have anti-church articles, frankly I don’t care. If and when you start being anti then I will cease to receive your emails.

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