You Know You’re A Parent in December If…


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You know you are or have been a parent in December if you have ever done the following:

1. Using the advent calender to make bedtime easier.


2. There is a search party every morning for the Elf on the Shelf.

06 Dec 2012 010

3. You jump out of bed and run downstairs at midnight because you forgot to hide the Elf on the Shelf.

(check out our 31 awesome Elf on the Shelf ideas.)


4. You have all shatter proof ornaments on your tree.

You know you're a parent in December if

5. All your shatter proof ornaments are gathered in the same area at the bottom of your tree.


6. You cannot put presents under your tree until Christmas eve or they will be opened early.


7.You have used the phrase, “Santa is watching,” for the 20th time that day.


8. You are stocking up on batteries like it is your food storage.


9. You have coats, gloves, hats and boots thrown all over your house.


10. You are always yelling, “where is your other glove!”


11. You celebrate that school is out for two whole weeks!


12. You plan on making this ginger bread house:

download (4)

But it ends up looking more like this (you love it anyways!)


13. You are always looking for the baby Jesus from your nativity scene.

You know you're a parent in December if...

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