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9 Replies to “Taylor Swift Talks About Visiting Teaching”

  1. I have to say I’m HIGHLY offended by this article. Nonmembers won’t get the “joke”. It is a really poor representation of the true Gospel of Christ.

    Lately, the overall tone of this page has begun to have a negative vibe. Used to be a favorite read for me.

    1. How insane we are as humans when having received a nasty offense we return the same awful offense. If given an apple found to be rotten and wormy, would we not toss it aside rather than force a soul to eat it? Offenses should be discarded, not returned.
      Richelle E. Goodrich

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  2. I agree with Emily. Don’t lose the true gospel and how our behavior really should be. This video isn’t cute or funny.

  3. Highly offended? There is nothing offensive about the video. If anything, your contention is a really poor representation of the church.

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