You Know You’re Mormon if.,..



You Know You’re Mormon If You Have Felt Like Any of the Following


When You’re Asked to Read a Passage in Isaiah in Church


When You Win The Scripture Mastery Chase in Your Seminary Class

Our reaction when you win the scripture mastery chase in seminary

When Your BFF Ruins the Punchline to a Joke You Were Telling in Sunday School

when your bf ruins the punchline to your mormon joke

How We Feel When We’ve Memorized all 13 Articles of Faith


How We Feel Going on Date with Someone From


How You Feel When You Walk Into the Room and See Your Home Teachers Are There


When You’re Friend Tries To Get You To Skip Seminary with Them

When your friends tries to get you to skip your seminary class

Trying to Get Primary Kids to Go to their Class


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4 Replies to “You Know You’re Mormon if.,..”

  1. Oh boy, nothing like that last one to sum up how religion gets shoved down the kid’s throat.

    This is why religion is cancer.

    1. Yes. We also shouldn’t force children to bathe or eat vegetables. Wouldn’t want to shove anything down their throats.

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