New change allows young moms, divorced members to teach Mormon seminary

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Previous to this change, LDS mothers with children in the home as well as previously divorced members have not been allowed to teach at seminaries and institutes.

However, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Friday in a memo that they were implementing this policy change to make it more consistent with other church departments.

This change makes it possible for families to decide what best meets their needs as it relates to mothers working while raising children

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7 Replies to “New change allows young moms, divorced members to teach Mormon seminary”

  1. This is awesome especially for those divorced members who had no fault in the breakup. It is also great for newly married women so they don’t have to make a choice between starting a family and trying to find a new job right away or keeping their current job. They will still have to decide if working outside the home is what is best for their family at that time but if it is needed they don’t have to worry about finding another job.

  2. my curiosity is NOT whether divorced or divorcees can teach seminary…it is to know whether we can work for CES…as of right now…those who have divorced EVER….cannot be part of CES…wonder if that has also changed…

  3. ***Throwing out that this is referring to salaried full- or part-time teachers who are working for release time seminary mostly in the states of Utah and Idaho. Places where it’s a church calling instead of a job have never been affected by these rules. Just saw some confusion in comments. 🙂

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