Things Only a Mother Can Say / Do



1- Kiss you in front of your friends

A dad can kiss you, he just can’t in front of your friends

2- Let me lick my finger and wipe that smudge off your face

mother licking

For some reasons, mom’s saliva was ok but dad’s was incredibly gross.

3- Pinch your cheeks

pinching cheeks
When mom pinches your cheeks = slightly annoyed but you put up with it.
When dad pinches your cheeks = “What is wrong with you!”

4- “You Could Use a Little lipstick”

Sorry, it’s just a tad bit creepy hearing this from your dad.

5- “Put on a coat”

mother's coat meme
Admittedly dads could say this…they just never do.

6- The “I don’t think so” look of death


7- Yell at the child and the other parent at the same time

Have you noticed the “yelling at the dad/child to mom/child ratio for doing something stupid” is like 103923 to 1?

8- “Dad said you could do what?”

See #7 above.

9- “I brought you into this world” so don’t ________ (insert unacceptable action here)


10- Make any kind of suggestion for undergarments for both sons and daughters

Yeah nothing says super creepy or weird than your dad giving you suggestion on which bra to wear

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