Things that Are Less Rare than Mia Love



This past week Mia Love became the first Republican, African American woman to be elected to United States House of Representative.   Whether you agree with her politics or not, this is still a historic moment in history and we wanted to congratulate Mia on her victory!

But she’s in quite the minority.  She’s an African American, Republican woman who is a Mormon.  That’s a pretty specific combination that is quite rare.  So without any further delay, here are some things that are less rare than an African American, Republican, Mormon woman.

1. Unicorn


Actually unicorns make up what seems to be like half of the internet and children television shows so this really isn’t that much of a shocker

2. The Three Nephites

“Why” you ask? Uh…well, because there are three of them which makes them three times more prevalent than Mia Love’s demographic.

3. LDS Apostles that were born outside of the United State


In fact there have been 11 members of the Quorum of the Twelve and First Presidency that have been born outside the United States. There’s your Jeopardy triva for the day. Eat your heart out Ken Jennings. 🙂

4. Great White Thunder Storm on Saturn


This planetary phenomenon occurs every 30 years so in my life time has occurred twice. Which is twice as many African American Republican Mormon Women in the United State Congress.

5. Prophets named Joseph Smith


Yep…there are three of them.

6. Okapi


Well you have this animal which looks like a Zebra, Hyena and a giraffee all ran into each other but there are actually over 10,000 of these rare bears. Yes…I said bears. Weird but true.

7. Photos of Mitt Romney as Batman


Actually these are not that rare…They were everywhere during the elections.

8. Finding gold bars in an airplane


You would think this would be a once in a lifetime thing but apparently it has happened twice. An airline crew discovered 280 gold bars in the toliet in an airline. Then a few weeks later another 1.1 million dollars of gold bricks was found in the bathroom on a plane in India. I’m definitely riding the wrong airlines here.

9. Winning a multi-million dollar jackpot at the same store.


Yeah, as crazy as it sounds…apparently electing an African American, Republican Mormon women is more rare than having the same man win two multi million dollar lotteries from the same store.

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