11 Things Mormons Need to Stop Doing

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This list is meant to be one part tongue-in-cheek one part serious but mainly something to think about in a not so serious manner.

Constantly being connected to the internet during church.



We are such a connected society to the internet but we can go three hours without checking our e-mails, or checking on the latest NFL score for the morning. This is more than just me trying to stand on a soap box, it really does a lot of good to disconnect from the web and refresh for a while.

Stop letting Deacons get away with Deacon’s collar.


Just help the poor kid out already. If you see that he has it, just gently help straighten out the kid’s collar. Not that hard.

Ending talks/testimonies with “in the name of Thy Son Jesus Christ Amen” instead of just “In the name of Jesus Christ amen.”

You’re talking to the audience not to God and by saying the former you’re essentially saying that Jesus is the congregation’s son. Not a big deal in the big scheme of things but when you think about it, it’s something that technically isn’t right.

Stop Saying “YOLO”


Ok, so this is really pointed at a specific generation but just stop already with YOLO because technically this isn’t true either…*think resurrection*…plus it’s just annoying to everyone else.

Stop tweeting your #mormonprobs during church


Again…probably speaking to a specific generation here but it’s not that hard…just stop.

Stop dismissing someone’s problem by saying “that’s a first world problem.”


Nothing shows the compassion of Christ quite like reminding people their problem is simply incomparable to kids living in poverty or someone living with a terminal illness. Jesus helped individuals meet their needs regardless of their situation. An example was when Jesus feed the 5,000 . Most if not all of those individuals would have eaten later at some point but Jesus instead of simply dismissing their need, chose to address them.

It’s one thing to joke about it on Facebook to a friend but then follow up and help solve the problem, it’s another thing to use it as an excuse not to help out at all.


Stop asking newly weds when they are having a baby


Let them enjoy each other’s company for a little bit. They’re still getting used to how they brush their teeth around each other or whether or not to close the bathroom door. Plus, it’s really none of our business anyways…You could also add stop asking single people when they are getting married to the list as well.

Not finishing the Book of Mormon


I’m pretty sure there are a fair amount of individuals out there who have started reading the Book of Mormon but who have never finish. Even for those of us who have read the Book of Mormon a few times our 1 Nephi to 3 Nephi reading ratio is probably somewhere around 45:1.

Coming up with probably the worst homecoming logo ever

No joke, this is BYU’s homecoming logo for 2014. This is giving all Mormons everywhere a black eye.

Justifying our actions because another high profile Mormon did it


Remember it’s What Would Jesus Do, not What Would Mitt Do. Really, we shouldn’t be justifying our own actions based on someone else regardless of whether they are high profile or not.

There’s a difference between The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

These are two different churches the former being the church that we are all very familiar with and the latter being the Strangite sect.

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