BYU Head Coaching Job Posted on Craigslist

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Quite possibly out of frustration after losing a fourth straight game and having their defense give up 50 points in Boise, a BYU fan (yes I’m just speculating based on the ad but it could very well be a Utah or Utah State fan piling on) posted a job opening for the BYU head coaching position on Craigslist Saturday afternoon.

It mentions several key requirements such as not currently working for the University of Utah or “ability to win against your rival at least 50% of the time.”

Below is a screenshot of the listing.

Head coaching job at BYU Craigslist bronco mendenhall

In Bronco’s defense, he is practically playing with 2nd/3rd stringers and missing unquestionably the best player on the team in Taysom Hill. Most individuals realize that there is absolutely no chance for Bronco to lose his job nor is he considered to be in any type of coaching “hot seat”. However, this last stunt on Craigslist does tend to demonstrate a growing frustration with the lack of results in recent years under Bronco Mendenhall.

What are your thoughts on the posting? Humorous, premature, immature or does it make a point? Let us know below.

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