15 Things that All Mormons Can Relate


It’s Fast Sunday and you smell something baking.

It's fast sunday and you smell something baking


Trying to cook anything at Scout camp.

Trying to cook anything at scout camp



When the Bishop randomly asks you to bear your testimony in Sacrament Meeting.

When the bishop randomly asks you to bare your testimony at church



When you finish passing the Sacrament and realize that your family didn’t save you a seat.

When you finished passing sacrament and realize



When you get your Faith in God award.

When You Get Your Faith in God Award



When your Sunday School teacher has to leave for a second and leaves you in charge.

When your seminary teacher leaves for a moment and leave you in charge


When you see someone of the opposite sex flirting with your crush at a stake dance.




When the Sunday School teacher all of sudden looks directly at you when you weren’t paying attention.




When I get in a doctrinal argument with a friend who threatens to Google the right answer.

google the right answer



When your siblings try to take the treats you got during Primary.




When you realize the end of the month was yesterday and it’s too late to do your home teaching.




When you ask your child what they learned in church that day.




When a child/youth goes up and bears a heartfelt testimony of the church.




When somebody brings wheat bread for the Sacrament.




After sitting down for two hours straight during stake conference.


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