How to Make a Mormon roll their eyes

scott jarvie - Boston LDS Temple


We’re used to being persecuted and attacked. Lies have been told about us ever since the beginning of the Restoration of the Gospel. But 184 years of misconceptions? This is long overdue so let’s put them to rest. Or at least try.

Here’s a short list of the ones I’ve heard so far.

1 “How many Moms do you have?”

Polygamy is a part of church history. That’s what it is: history. There is a sect of Mormonism that broke off and took a different path and still practice polygamy. That isn’t the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I only have one Mom, thank you.

2. “The Bible said not to add anything to it.”

A majority of The Book of Mormon occurred before Christ or during his life.(same time as the Bible) So that argument doesn’t even stand. The Bible is a collection of writings by Prophets around Israel and The Book of Mormon is a collection of writings by Prophets who traveled to what is the modern day Americas.

3. “You wear special underwear”

This comment can be not only ridiculous to Latter-day Saints, but offensive. We wear sacred reminders of what we promised to God in holy temples. Similar to Jews wearing yamakas as an outward reminder of their devotion to God, we choose to wear these reminders under our clothing. This video is a great explanation of the temple garment. I really enjoyed it.

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