Awkward Mormon Moments

It happens to the best of us but here are just incredibly awkward moments that some of our Mormon counterparts have experienced.

When your family makes you take pictures like this



Or This



Any missionary that has had a member of the opposite sex try to hug them

mr bean missionary


Going To Your First Stake Dance and Having No Idea What’s Going on

Things Only Mormons Will Understand (11)



When Your Bridemaid’s dress matches the curtains.

awkward wedding



Or Thinking This Was a Great Place to Take Wedding Photos

Or having a crush on this guy


Or if this guy was your uncle


If you are going on a date with this guy




Or When You’re Running to be the President of the United States and Start Dancing Like This

mitt romney dancing



When You’re a Missionary and this happens




Or your girlfriend pulls this stunt


Forgetting that you’re not on your mission anymore




Or if you are just stuck somewhere in the middle


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