It’s one of the most looked to programs during Sacrament meeting, the Primary Program. You see sweet little kids go up and sing and give talks in their adorable little voices. If you’ve been lucky enough to have experienced when a Primary Program goes wrong, you know how funny it can be. If not, here are some hilarious experiences from our fans on our Facebook page. If you have any of your own to add, please add them in the comments below as these are the stories we use for these type of posts.

We Love Thee Heavenly Father

“They were doing the Primary Program during Sacrament Meeting and one of the primary kids was giving the prayer. The teacher was right next to him whispering in his ear the prayer. She said “…and we love Thee Heavenly Father” and he repeated “…and we love Thee Heavenly Father.”

She then said “And we love Thy Son Jesus Christ” and he then said “and I loooove cookies.” The primary teacher quickly said “No, we love Jesus” to which he simply said “No! I love cookies, in the names of Jesus Christ Amen.”

Thankful to Heavenly Father

“One program that I attended a little girl got up and was bearing her testimony of how grateful she was for her family and that Heavenly Father has given us families to live with. She finished by saying that she was also thankful for Heavenly Father allowing us to go poop and pee because she has to do that everyday.”

Being a Big Brother

“Years ago I was visiting my friend in his ward and they had the primary program. One boy got up and talked about how much he loved his family and how excited he was that he was going to be a big brother soon. Well it turned out that the mom just found out that morning and told him but hadn’t told her husband yet because he was the bishop of the ward and left early for meetings. He was clearly shocked and excited. It was funny watching him lip to his wife ‘really? really?’ throughout the program.”


“We had a young man in the Primary Program who got up to give his portion of the program. Towards the end of reading the scripture he was reading he started to read faster and faster and quickly closed saying ‘in the name of Jesus Christ amen.’ The second he finished he ran down from the pulpit and through the aisles and ran directly to the bathroom. Apparently he had to go really badly.”

Young Man and His Mom

“An older primary kid got up and started his talk. In the middle of his talk he stops and says ‘mom, stop waving to me! I can see you and it is really distracting so can you just keep your hands to yourself please?’ I was in tears laughing when I heard him say that.”

A Little Girl’s Prayer

“A little girl got up and everyone in her class was talking about prayer. She told a story where she had a favorite rock that she loved very much but that she had lost it. She said ‘I prayed and prayed and prayed to find that rock.’ and very abruptly said ‘and the rock is still lost so if you see it, please tell my mommy.”

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Craziness at the Podium

“One of the older boys was reading a scripture and all of a sudden just collapsed. Everyone started to gasp and panic and the bishopric quickly bent down to help him. A few seconds later he got up and back to the podium and said ‘see Dad, I told you I wouldn’t chicken out and now you owe me $10.’ The Dad was so embarrassed he walked out of the Sacrament Meeting. Pretty sure the Dad never thought his son was actually going through with it. Lesson, don’t challenge your kid unless you want to see them excel with flying colors.”

Beet Red

“One of the funniest primary program stories I can remember was a little girl who got up and read a short scripture. In the middle of the scripture he belched accidentally. She gasped and got super embarrassed when all of a sudden could hear a loud fart. Her face got even more red and yelled over the microphone ‘I told you mom that eggs and milk don’t mix well!’ and then promptly sat down. 🙂 🙂 :)”