1.  Being asked “How many wives do you have?”

10 pet peeves every mormon has 1


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2.  Being asked if we have horns (seriously people, are we living in the 1500’s?)

10 pet peeves every mormon has



3.  Being asked “Why we worship Joseph Smith?”



4.  Being asked “Why do you guys hate the Bible?”

10 pet peeves every mormon has 2


5.  Being told it must “suck being a Mormon because there are so many things you can’t do.”

Things Working Moms Hate to Hear


6.  Dispelling a myth just to be told “well you’re in the minority, the rest of your church still believes ____” when in fact they don’t. 



7.  Being lectured on what we believe (when we in fact don’t believe in those things).

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8.  Being asked if “We’re a Christian Church?”

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9.  Being asked the follow up question of “Ok but seriously, why don’t you guys believe in Christ?”

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