9 Reasons You Should Be Afraid of Mormons

Yesterday we posted an excerpt that talked about 9 Reasons to Stop Being Afraid of Mormons. Well today we wanted to share a little piece of some reasons why you should be afraid of Mormons. 🙂



1 – We will waste you on the basketball court

mormon missionary basketball

2- If you have an allergy to jello or casseroles

h/t Kimberlie Sullivan

3- We dominate at board games

settlers of catan

4- We are taking over Pinterest

 h/t LDS Living’s Pinterest Board

pinterest everyone inner relief society

5- We’re awesome at making parody videos

sister missionaries


6- We love to go on and on and on about our missions.


7- We have lots of kids and so when you invite us over…well it will be loud.  Deal with it.


8- We’re sober and will remember what happened the night before.


9- We will crush you in a dance-off

Mormon missionary dance off

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23 Replies to “9 Reasons You Should Be Afraid of Mormons”

    1. Love this site! Love belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!!!!!

      I say ditto to this happy comment posted by Sandra. It is lovely and of good report and praiseworthy… 🙂 Such clean humor – funny things posted. And I say thank you to all who positively contribute. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  1. I am inactive at the mo but have just received a visit from 2 lovely missionaries who took time out of their day to share a message about the importance of family…love being a mormon

  2. Mormons are genuinely good people, there’s no debating that. The problem is the doctrine isn’t trustworthy. For example, the Bible says there is one God. Mormonism teaches we can all be God. One is right and one is wrong.

    1. Actually both are right. In the book of Psalms, it says, “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” There has always been a parent / child relationship between God and His children. That will always exist. In Matthew it also says, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect.” When the bible teaches of one God, it means there is only one God that we are concerned with, or worship.

    2. Just a few questions for you: What does a baby cow grow up to be? What does a baby horse grow up to be? and finally, if we are all children of God, what would you expect us to grow up to be? Its an over simplification of what Geoff said and follows the same biblical quotes for reference. We worship only one God and we expect to be able to one day become like him, like is the keyword, we are not looking to replace him, just as simply having a child doesn’t replace you from your position in your family.

    3. You are aware that the bible said, that we can be gods. You know that right? And gods is with a lower case letter. So I’m going to have to be honest here. My father isn’t Mormon actually he isn’t even religious, he read the bible and, knew that.

    4. The two are synonymous, it is because of the doctrine we strive to be genuinely good people because we understand that we have the potential to become Gods!
      Also, another way to help understand this doctrine is to relate it directly to familiar things. How many fathers are in the world today? Lots! How many do you have? One. Unlike the earthly fathers, He is perfect!

  3. And they are all pretty much crazy, but I love crazy and this crazy is better than most of the other crazy that you could have as your neighbor. Said with love ya-all!

  4. How about your founding prophet being a philanderer, a pedophile, and a fraud? How about the (cult)ural, racist, anti-gay shunning of non-believers you brainwash into your children? How about the tithes you take from the poorest families in the church, and set up the general authorities in lavish lifestyles? This page is a joke, but it isn’t one bit funny. Meet the real mormons – this page isn’t about them.

    1. Brandon Osborn If your talking about Joseph Smith or Brigham Young they didnt marry young girls I believe you are mixing them up with Warren Jeffs who is in jail where he belongs. We are not affiliated with his church. None of my family is LDS and I have lots of nonmember friends, I dont shun them. They respect my beliefs. Our church isnt racist It has 16 million members worldwide. The children are taught to love one another. If we are racist why do we have missionaries all over the world? No one is paid Its all volunteers. The general authorities aren’t paid. If their lifestyle is lavish its because they managed their money well that they earned from their jobs outside the church. The church is debt free and encourages its members to do the same. No one takes money from the poor members, if they pay tithes its voluntary. The money is used to help the needy, members and nonmembers alike. The church is the first to respond to a disaster worldwide to help others regardless of their religion or race. Obviously you have been misinformed, there is a link at the bottom to have missionaries to come and educate you on the real facts.

      1. Joseph Smith jr. married several women (under threat) who were already married to other men. 2 of his wives were 14, they were to of the last wives he took.

        I doubt you, as a good cult member, won’t look at this, but others will – here’s a list of JSjr’s wives, their ages when he forced them to marry him, and who they were legally married to at the time.

        I’m not sorry to say that your cult cannot stand up to free information. I am happy to watch as its secrets are exposed to the world. Pay Lay Ale.


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