Yesterday we posted an excerpt that talked about 9 Reasons to Stop Being Afraid of Mormons. Well today we wanted to share a little piece of some reasons why you should be afraid of Mormons. 🙂


1 – We will waste you on the basketball court

mormon missionary basketball

2- If you have an allergy to jello or casseroles

h/t Kimberlie Sullivan

3- We dominate at board games

settlers of catan

4- We are taking over Pinterest

 h/t LDS Living’s Pinterest Board

pinterest everyone inner relief society

5- We’re awesome at making parody videos

sister missionaries

6- We love to go on and on and on about our missions.


7- We have lots of kids and so when you invite us over…well it will be loud.  Deal with it.


8- We’re sober and will remember what happened the night before.


9- We will crush you in a dance-off

Mormon missionary dance off