If You’re a Mormon, You’ll Understand. It’s a Mormon Thing.

There are just some situations that really only Mormons (or those that know us) can really understand.  Without any further delay here are just some things that only Mormons will understand.

When our visiting teachers calls to tell us they are on their way and the house is a mess

When people tell us that we worship Joseph Smith when in reality we don’t
things only mormons will understand (10)

When you weren’t planning on going to church but realize you have the opening prayer



Our reaction to Elder Bednar’s talk about sharing gospel online



When our Primary teacher promises to bring treats next week and forgets to bring them

things only mormons will understand (8)


When we don’t mess up on the Sacrament prayer



When your spouse is telling you a mission story for the 1,000,000,000th time.
that's enough
Trying to read Isaiah

If you're a mormon you'll understand (8)



When anyone at conference says anything remotely funny during their talks.



When you think your best friend has to give the closing prayer during Sunday School just to realize it was you.




Our reaction when the new Meet the Mormons movie ranked No. 10 in box office sales nationwide on it’s opening day.




When the Elder’s Quorum gets together for an activity




We get this reference




When someone asks you if you have done your Visiting Teaching/Home Teaching for the month





The last 5 minutes before your Home Teaching finally asks someone to say the prayer






When your parents bring up an embarrassing “learning moment” during testimony meeting.



What I want to do when someone asks me why I haven’t gotten married yet.


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