Book of Mormon is one of most expensive books in ‘Pawn Stars’ shop

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On the television show “Pawn Stars,” Rick Harrison was surprised that the most expensive book that the appraiser had ever appraised for him was this edition of The Book of Mormon.

The appraiser said, “Rick, this by far the most valuable book you’ve ever had me appraise …” She concluded that the book was worth about $40,000 dollars.

The appraiser, Rebecca Romney (not sure if there’s a connection to the Romney family), stated that this edition was worth so much because of the ties it had to the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. On top of that, this specific book was the final printed edition before Joseph Smith was killed.

In turns out that Adam ended up selling the book for $24,000.

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    1. If you want an unrevised copy of the Book of Mormon, it’s easy and fairly cheap to buy a replica of the original editions in Nauvoo. The changes only for readability and to update the English–changing “exceeding fair” to “exceedingly fair,” and changing a few “which”s to “who”s and the like.

          1. What arson? He was in jail on false charges! A mob stormed the jail with painted faces and shot thru the door killing both Joseph and his brother Hyrum Smith.

  1. I have an original 1841 (4th Edition) Book of Mormon with a very interesting story to tell if anyone is interested, considering selling to put one of our kids through college after seeing this! @johndeighton

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