Things We Promise You Won’t Hear At Conference This Weekend

Twice a year saints from all around the world will gather to watch General Conference and hear uplifting and edifying words from the Prophet, Apostles and other General officers from the church. With that in mind, here are 10 phrases we promise you that you won’t hear from the leaders of the church.


Try to be a cloud in somebody’s rainbow


When life gets hard, note that this is the perfect time to give up and quit.


You will notice that hard work pays off in the end but laziness pays off now.


One of the greatest lesson you’ll learn from teamwork is that your hard work can always be ruined by someone else’s incompetence




Life is the best teacher as it will force you to see all the things you cannot do


Believe that you can and you will realize that you haven’t accomplished anything


We can’t help everyone in the world so why bother?




Multitasking is simply doing twice as much work as you should half as well as you could


Shoot for the Moon because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. Of course, then you’ll land on an object that is 100,000 degrees that will instantly kill you but that’s what you get for being a showoff.

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