See the Apostles Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

See the Apostles Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Sometimes it can be a little refreshing to see the Apostles in situations other than just speaking at General Conference. So here are some of the more

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Sometimes it can be a little refreshing to see the Apostles in situations other than just speaking at General Conference. So here are some of the more candid moments with our beloved Prophet and Apostles.

President Uchtdorf Throwing the First Pitch at a Dodgers Game



A candid moment with President Monson


Elder Holland Throwing Out the First Pitch at a Dodgers Game


Elder Nelson in his role as a heart surgeon


Apparently the Dodgers Love Having Apostles Throw the First Pitch in their Games

Elder Bednar throwing first pitch at Mormon Night at Dodger Stadium

Suiting up Like a Boss


President Monson Fishing


A candid moment with the Prophet




No Seriously, What’s Up with the Dodgers and Having Every Apostle Being in a Dodger Uniform? 🙂


Elder Christofferson’s Wedding


I’m Going Full on Conspiracy Theory, the Church Owns the Dodgers 🙂


Here’s a photo of President Eyring


Oops, wrong Henry Eyring…here’s the a correct photo of him taking a photo


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  • comment-avatar
    Sarah B 3 years

    The Dodgers do Mormon Night! 🙂 That’s why there are a lot with General authorities. They throw the first pitch a lot, this year it was Elder Bednar! Super cool.

    • comment-avatar

      Yeah, we knew that they did a Mormon night, we just thought we would have a little fun with it. 🙂

      • comment-avatar
        ronnie's niece 3 years

        The dodgers may not be owned by the church, but i know a very wealthy member of the church who has had dugout seats since the dodgers moved to LA!

  • comment-avatar
    Janet 3 years

    Why do you put your social media buttons over half the pictures? Super annoying.

    • comment-avatar

      It only pops up when you hover the image and honestly it’s because people use it. It may be annoying for those who don’t use it at times but for those who do, it makes it very easy for them to share the photos with their friends. But thanks for the honest feedback, we’re constantly reevaluating the practices of the website.

      • comment-avatar
        Judi 3 years

        I appreciate that you take the time to add the social media buttons, to be honest, for the very reason you said. There are always two sides to every story. 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Melody H 3 years

    Wait a minute……that’s my Stake President from my home ward!!! He’s in the first picture!!

  • comment-avatar
    Anon 3 years

    That’s not President Eyring — it’s his father.

  • comment-avatar
    Wilkinson 3 years

    Here’s a pic of Pres Monson relaxing in at the Corner Drug Store in Driggs Idaho (2012)

    • comment-avatar
      jenlindy73 3 years

      That place has THE BEST huckleberry shakes in the WORLD! My friends and I would drive 45 minutes on the weekends from BYUI to get them 🙂 So so so delicious!

  • comment-avatar
    Cameron Ruppe 3 years

    My mission president who is now the LA temple president got to throw the first pitch at a Dodgers game on Mormon night. His name is R. Randall Huff and raised his Family in Pasadena, and I guess they have had a lot of church leadership locally do it too.

    • comment-avatar
      LarryLawton 3 years

      Well, just the other day I was wondering about “R. Randall Huff” and other LDS friends from about 45 years ago. In law school, he was in a class ahead of me, Keith Hilbig (Emeritus Seventy) was in my class, and Elder Todd Christoferson was a year behind me. (Yep, I’m shamelessly name dropping here.) Don’t know if he’d remember me, but say hi from Larry & Ida Beth next time you see him. As I recall, he sold me his car just before graduation.

  • comment-avatar
    KimmieZC 3 years

    Wonderful pics! thanks for sharing!!! and Go Dodgers.

  • comment-avatar
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