lds general conference

General Conference is coming up in just a couple of days. So leading our countdown to conference, we have included a list of problems that only conference goers will understand.

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Getting stuck in post conference traffic.

lds general conferece traffic

When you’re hungry in the middle of a great talk.

I'm starving

Walking around the ginormous Conference Center in high heels.

lds conference center

Laying on the couch in your PJs with the blankets over you promising yourself that you will not fall asleep.

Getting excited when there’s a song so you can hurry and go do whatever you need to do without missing a talk


Not being able to watch conference because you have to work


Realizing that the next speaker coming up is not Elder Holland.


When your parents make you dress up for church even though you are watching it at home.


Being assigned to read the list of the General Authorities from around the world. #FirstPresidencyProbs

CES Uchtdorft2

Being assigned to speak right after Elder Holland.


Having a fly flying around you as you give a talk during General Conference. #ElderVinsonProbs


Realizing that President Monson can wiggle his ears better than you

president monson

Tearing up on the last song because its over, and then going through post-conference withdrawals.