Our Buzzified Review of Meet The Mormons the Movie

Our Reaction and Review of Meet the Mormons

What the producers kept telling us about the movie

Meet The Mormons - Awesome


Our reaction to their excitement

Meet the Mormons Movie Review

First five minutes into the movie

Meet the Mormons Review

15 minutes into the movie


Our reaction to the visual effects and sound

Meet the Mormons Review

When they first introduced “The Missionary Mom”

Meet the Mormons Movie Review

When they told the story of “The Missionary Mom”

Meet The Mormons Movie Review 4

How we felt leaving the movie


And left with a tremendous sense of Unity

Meet the Mormons movie review (3)

Going into the movie we were expecting a typical Sunday School type movie but after 5 minutes of watching it, it completely blew our expectations out of the water. Technically it was amazing and being in the theater you felt like you were actually on the field with “The Coach” or that the fighter jets were right above you during the fly by. It captured the attention of the audience throughout the movie with endless humor, wit, intrigue and inspirational stories from some amazing individuals (btw, we’re not kidding about the last story, you’re gonna need some tissues).

Loved the tagline to the movie of “One choice changes everything” as it is so very true in our lives. We hope that you all will join us as we go watch the movie when it comes out Oct 10th.

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