Google’s Search Result of Mormonism Gets Blasted by LDS Social Media Users

As many of you can recall (thanks to the many of you who helped notify us of the mistake), the definition that popped up on many of the searches for “What is Mormonism” brought up the following screenshot

What is mormonism


what is mormonism3

what is mormonism 5

This is the second time in two weeks that we have joined in to try to clarify what our beliefs actually are and as of two minutes ago, this is the results that we saw.

what is mormonism

what is mormonism 4

Thanks to all of you who voiced your opinion and please keep on letting us know when you see errors on the internet about our beliefs. It’s hard enough as it is to represent the church accurately without having major players like Google making it that much more difficult.

what is mormonism

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10 Replies to “Google’s Search Result of Mormonism Gets Blasted by LDS Social Media Users”

  1. Still doesn’t seem correct. We aren’t “based on the Book of Mormon”. We are centered on Jesus Christ. That is still going to mislead people.

    1. You’re right @barbarakcolson:disqus’s still not 100% accurate but it is much closer than what was originally posted. I would imagine that this is a quick fix for Google and that they will be coming out with a better search result for individuals when they type this in.

      And if they don’t, well we’ll just go at it again on social media. 🙂

      1. It still holds validity. The keystone is Jesus Christ; the corner stone is The Book of Mormon. If The Book of Mormon is true than everything that surrounds it is also true, even to the modern day.

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    3. I totally agree, Barbara.
      Our basis is revelation from God, including 6 volumes of Holy Scripture (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, your personal Patriarchial Blessing).
      This statement is as wrong as it can be. Our “deeper” doctrines such as everything related to the Temple is much more found in the Bible than in the Book of Mormon.
      Finally the statement suggests that we don’t believe in the Bible and that is also nonsens. Joseph Smith has stated that we are the only people that really believe the Bible, while all others are merely believing their interpretations of it.

    1. My thought exactly, James.
      They did not misstate our doctrine, just misinterpret.
      The correct interpretation would be: “Thus Mormons are the only Christian religion that actually believes that we are children of God”

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