How to Get Your Kids to Really Talk to You About School

My cute little 6 year old just started first grade and she really seems to love school! Which makes me so happy for her. But as I stay home during the day with my two younger kids who have not started school yet, sometimes I feel like I am so involved in their lives and I’m missing out on a huge part of my 6 year old’s life. Especially when she gets home and I ask her what she did that day and she responds with “nothing” or “I played outside for recess.” Sometimes I wish I could just go be a fly on the wall in her class!!


And then I heard of this awesome list of questions to ask your child to help them really talk about how their day was and what they did. I read the first 5 and was just loving it! These are questions that can get information I don’t think my daughter would have even thought to talk to me about. And a lot of the questions are things I would never even think to ask her but now that I read them, I really want to know! So if you are feeling like you are struggling to know what is really going on with your children while they are at school, this list is for you! Here are the first five and you can check out the rest at the link below.


#1. What was the best thing that happened at school today? (What was the worst thing that happened at school today?)

#2. Tell me something that made you laugh today.

#3. If you could choose who would you like to sit by in class? (Who would you NOT want to sit by in class? Why?)

#4. Where is the coolest place at the school?

#5. Tell me a weird word that you heard today. (Or something weird that someone said.)

#6. If I called your teacher tonight what would she tell me about you?

#7. How did you help somebody today?

#8. How did somebody help you today?

#9. Tell me one thing that you learned today.

#10. When were you the happiest today?

#11. When were you bored today?

#12. If an alien spaceship came to your class and beamed up someone who would you want them to take?

#13. Who would you like to play with at recess that you’ve never played with before?

Read the rest of the list at Simple Simon and Company

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