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So recently Answers.com wrote a piece Important Mormon Holidays Celebrated by the Latter-Day Saints. In this article they listed 5 holidays that are very important to the LDS faith. Those were

The Feast of First Fruits
The Feast of Tabernacles


The meme above pretty much sums up my reaction and the reaction of all of my LDS friends and family. The Feast of the First Fruits? Seriously? I’ve never even heard of such a holiday let alone celebrated it. It sounds like a holiday stemming more from the Lord of the Flies than the LDS religion. Only the first and last are even remotely true and while we do celebrate blessings, it’s not a “holiday” or a community thing and it’s no different from when families/friends get together to celebrate birthdays or other special occasion of the family.

So we wanted to set the record straight or at least put forth a list of some of the holidays that we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints actually do celebrate, specifically here in the United States. Those holidays are:

New Year’s Eve
Fourth of July
Memorial Day
24th of July (Mainly in Utah as it is a state holiday)
The Super Bowl

Ok so the last one is more of a pseudo holiday for my family personally and not reflective of the LDS faith in general but the argument could easily be made that even the Super Bowl is more of a holiday than half of the list that Answers.com provided. 🙂

The point of our article is to clarify for those who might not be familiar with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and may come across this article believing that it was an accurate piece. Other than the 24th of July celebration, celebrating the pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley, all of the other holidays are holidays that everyone in the country celebrates. I have no idea where they pulled the previous list from and I’m still looking for an Onion article that may have been used as a reference guide by the writer.

Hopefully this will dismiss some of the wildly inaccurate reporting by Answers.com and if they really want anyone to take their site seriously, I would probably recommend pulling the article.