45 Thoughts You Have Had During Sacrament Meeting


  1. Don’t mess up, don’t mess up (the Sacrament Prayer).
  2. Why didn’t Lehi and Nephi just leave Laman and Lemuel behind?
  3. I’ve been coming to church for 30+ years now and I have never seen this hymn before.
  4. Do I keep standing until all of the names are read or do I just sit back down?
  5. Why are those parents just letting their kids run around?
  6. Crap, where are my kids?
  7. Please bishop, just nod your head and say that I did it right?7qohk
  8. Wow, that guy’s really cute.
  9. Is he looking at me? I can’t tell if he’s looking at me.
  10. Oh no, he caught me staring. How long was I staring at him? Act casual. ACT. CASUAL.
  11. That meeting is at what time?
  12. It is so hot in here.
  13. It is so cold in here.
  14. Seriously, it’s only been 20 minutes?
  15. That’s it, I’m going out to the foyermormon meme lds fast sunday
  16. Today was Fast Sunday?
  17. Is that wheat bread?
  18. That’s such a cute baby?
  19. Is that our kid that smells?
  20. I love this hymn.
  21. Where’s the baby wipes?
  22. Where’s my kid…again.
  23. How in the heck did she make it all the way up to the stand?
  24. Did the Bishop just look at me?
  25. Why is the Bishop sleeping?99a32c4e2394b64214c10e91ed8b01cd
  26. Where are the Cheerios?
  27. Maybe I should bear my testimony?
  28. I have never even heard of this hymn
  29. Is my phone on silent?
  30. Well, that was awkward…
  31. Is he sleeping?
  32. Is that in the Book of Mormon or Bible?
  33. Why can’t I find where Nehemiah is?
  34. [wp_ad_camp_1]

  35. Seriously? I forgot to put on deodorant again?
  36. Should I tell him that he’s got a deacon collar?
  37. What is up with her dress?
  38. What is up with my dress?
  39. How did I not see that stain on my shirt?
  40. Eh…I’m sure no one will notice.
  41. Why does the speaker keep looking at me?
  42. I wonder what the score is?
  43. Why didn’t my parents bring a treat for Sacrament?
  44. Wow, there are a lot of people at this farewell.
  45. I should probably get off my phone.
  46. Crap, did I just fall asleep?
  47. Hopefully I wasn’t drooling.
  48. That was an amazing talk.
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