LDS Leaders May Choose to Speak in Native Language at General Conference



Dale Jones, an LDS Church spokesman, said in a statement today that speakers “whose primary language is not English now have the choice to deliver their talks in their native tongue.”

In cases when speakers give their address in other languages, Jones said, “English subtitles will be shown on screens in the Conference Center and a live English interpretation will be provided for all other English-language broadcasts including satellite, cable, television and the Internet.

We may have many general authorities choose to speak Spanish during conference but the interesting one will be whether or not President Uchtdorf will speak German or continue with his fluent English as he has so far. What are your thoughts? How many speakers do you think will speak in their native language this coming fall? Leave your comment below.

14 Replies to “LDS Leaders May Choose to Speak in Native Language at General Conference”

    1. Kikuchi in Japanese, Uchdorf in German, and President Rife in…well, just have him tell some jokes in Korean 🙂

  1. How exciting! I have often wonder if these wonderful men would be better able to convey their feelings if they didn’t have to worry about pronunciation, etc.

  2. I love his accent…I hope he keeps talking in English so I can hear him speaking on my TV at home. Either way, I’m sure it will be a great experience listening the prophets.

  3. They often make recordings in their native language that is played over it, so maybe they will do the same for this way?

  4. I know that some of the apostles (Elder Scott, at least) that know two languages record the dubbed versions of their talks themselves in the languages they know. So if Pres. Uchtdorf decides to give his address in German, those of us watching at home may still here his awesome voice speaking English!

  5. I hope he will speak in German! I think it will require my children to pay closer attention 😀 People with younger children that cannot read might find this difficult though. I think it would be good for English speaking members to see what it is like, to be on the other end of things. Sometimes we take things for granted…

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