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Editor’s Note: When I was a young girl, there was a group of older boys that lived in my neighborhood and went to our church that bullied me relentlessly. I cannot even describe the pain and fear that these boys caused in my young life for so many years. Even today after all this time I still get a knot in my stomach when I think about them. Bullying is a very serious subject for me and my heart breaks when I hear about stories of other children or teens being bullied. When I read this article, it made me so sad and so angry at the same time. Parents, please know what is going on in your child’s life so that you can help them if they are being bullied but more importantly, don’t think your child is so perfect that they would never bully someone else. Be aware of how your child is treating others and teach them that they have power to affect others lives whether it be positive or negative. We are all so worried about our own child being bullied but I think one of the best ways to stop bullying is to make sure our child is not the one doing the bullying. If every family did this, I think we would see a huge decrease in the amount of bullying going on, especially in the church.

Well now that I am done ranting (sorry, I do this when the subject is close to my heart) here is an article from about how you can recognize, prevent, and correct bullying at church.

Upset Teenage Girl With Friends Gossiping In Background

“Do you know where your daughter is?”

It’s a heart-stopping question when you don’t know the answer. And the statement that followed it was one that Judy Wells wasn’t prepared for:  “Her school friends are telling us that she is planning on committing suicide. We are sending a unit over to your home right now.”

What could have possibly sent such a vibrant and beautiful teenage girl so close to the edge?

Wells’s daughter was standing on the roof of her home and contemplating jumping because she was being bullied. By the youth in her ward.

“The girls took her journal and read it when she left it on her chair to go to the library to get a Book of Mormon,” Wells recalls. “Then, when she came in, they were quoting it.” It was only one of a hundred things those young men and young women did.

“When she went and sat down next to some girls, the girls would get up and create a new row and leaver her sitting all alone.” They invented fake physical relationships she could have had with boys and teased her about them, leaving notes about it on classroom whiteboards for others to find. They even harassed her outside of church, calling her to borrow equipment for a party she wasn’t invited to, and later, calling again to say how glad they were that she wasn’t at the gathering with them.

You can read the rest of this article here.