Recently we asked our fans on Facebook to tell us some of their most embarrassing moments during Sacrament Meeting. So we have posted some of the funniest comments that were made. Also, if you have any stories of your own, feel free to post them in the comments below and we’ll share them in a future post.

1. Scrotum

“My wife went up to the podium during Fast Sunday and started thanking the members for their help and support while I was recovering from my broken scrotum. After she finished her testimony I went up and said ‘just as a point of clarification I broke my sternum, not my scrotum. Kind of a big difference.'”

2. Shhhh!

“This my friend observed. She was sitting behind a family with young children. When the sacrament was being passed the parents required the children to stop activities such as coloring, and to be quiet. The littlest girl wasn’t to keen on that. The father kept whispering she should be quieter, to which she replied, ‘why?’ The father then explained that its because we love Jesus and Jesus wants us to be quiet, to which she yells, ‘I hate Jesus, He always shushes me!’ The parents turned as red as tomatoes.”

3. Hot dog

“My nephew threw a hot dog at the bishop. Yep. Not sure why there was a hot dog”

4. Peanut Butter – Never Again

“This was years ago when we had just joined the church, he was like 2 or 3. For lunch he wanted to eat a peanut butter and cheese sandwich, so my mom made it for him. Never again! He had the WORST gas from it,, it was so noxious smelling, and he kept tooting all through Sacrament. And since he was sitting on my mom’s lap, everyone smelled it and thought it was my mom and kept looking at her with gross looks on their faces. My mom was SO embarrassed. From that day, Ben was never allowed to have that sandwich again.”

5. “I Love Cookies”

“They were doing the Primary Program during Sacrament Meeting and one of the primary kids was giving the prayer. The teacher was right next to him whispering in his ear the prayer. She said “…and we love Thee Heavenly Father” and he repeated “…and we love Thee Heavenly Father.”

She then said “And we love Thy Son Jesus Christ” and he then said “and I loooove cookies.” The primary teacher quickly said “No, we love Jesus” to which he simply said “No! I love cookies, in the names of Jesus Christ Amen.”

6. Help Bishop!

“one time my 3yr old was being very noisy in sacrament and while I am taking him out he yells ‘Help me Bishop'”

7. Batman!

“My two year old sings every hymn shouting the words ‘na na na na na na na na batman, batman!!’ With enthusiasm , EVERY TIME.”

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8. Umm…yeah

“18 yrs ago, my normally extremely shy, reserved 2 yr old yells out (it’s dead silent ~ I mean VERY reverent) ‘MY PEEPEE IS STICKING UP!!!!’ I wanted to crawl through a hole and die.”

9. Fire Truck

“We had a foster child that would repeatedly say the “F” word when he didn’t get what he wanted. He wanted to eat handfuls so when I didn’t let him, he proceeded to chant the obscene word. Luckily, he also had a speech issue. So, my husband carried him out saying louder than him, ‘Fire Truck? You want your Fire Truck? Ya buddy, we’ll go get your Fire Truck.’ over and over…totally pulled it off.”

10. Too Long!

“When we were little, my older brother stood up on the bench in the middle of the prayer and yelled, ‘THIS IS TAKING TOO LONG!!!’. Coincidentally, he is also the same brother that pulled down my moms skirt as she was conducting the music.”

11. Amen

“As I said ‘amen’ in giving the closing prayer, I could hear my little boy scream at the top of his lungs “Amen!” while waving his little arms in the air.”

12. Shut it

“During the sacrament, when it was so quiet, my daughter yelled at her brother to ‘shut his pie hole'”

13. Ankle biter

“When a friend of mine was a toddler, she used to sneak underneath the benches and crawl around biting women’s ankles. Sometimes her parent wouldn’t notice until they heard a yelp from two rows back. Her ward nicknamed her ‘Baby Jaws’.”

14. Don’t Beat Me

“My daughter who was about 2 years old was being sort of naughty, so I took her by the hand to quietly walk out when she screamed ‘No, don’t beat me, don’t beat me’. It was very embarrassing. Lol. She is now 15 going on 25”

15. Not enough

“My son yelled out as they brought the sacrament tray around, ‘I’m WAY thirstier than that!'”

16. Reflux

“My daughter was born early and had severe reflux. During sacrament meeting, she once projectile vomited onto the people sitting on the bench in front of us. I was mortified.”

17. Justin Bieber

“While the young men were passing the Sacrament, the High Councilman’s phone went off. All of a sudden you could hear the words ‘Baby, baby, baby ohhhh like baby, baby, baby.’ Yeah, he had a Justin Bieber song for his ringtone.”