It’s a Mormon Thing

Things that if you’re a Mormon, you’ll understand

How we feel reading the Book of Isaiah
trying to read isaiah


How we feel driving by the San Diego Temple on the freeway.
san diego temple
The difference between the YM and YW when one of the boys gets hurt at mutual.
When we see our BFF when we are sitting on the stand about to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting.
When you see your bff in the same seminary class as you
When we get called to nursery for the first time.
When you are in a grumpy mood at church and your friends keep on trying to make you laugh
When you ask a girl to dance at a stake dance and she says no
When you finish the Book of Mormon for the first time
When your visiting teaching supervisor is trying to ask you if you did your visiting teaching for the month
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When our parents talk about an embarrassing moment during Sacrament Meeting
Hilarious MRW Gifs (10)

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4 Replies to “It’s a Mormon Thing”

  1. I would love to see a list of things only Mormon kids would understand about Sundays. I.e; staying in church clothes 18 hours straight because of BYC, church, hometeaching, pres meeting and fireside. Only watching church movies and “acting” out scripture stories in your mom’s bathrobe.

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