LDS Church Announces New Seminary Graduation Requirements

New requirements for seminary graduation are meant to “elevate learning” and better prepare students for lives of service and discipleship. The changes are being implemented throughout the world beginning this school year with this year’s course of study — Doctrine and Covenants and Church History.


“It fits in line with Preach My Gospel, and it fits in line with the Come Follow Me curriculum,” said Wayne Davis, manager of communications for Seminaries and Institutes of Religion. “We are asking the youth to be more self-sufficient in their testimonies and their knowledge and in their ability to share that knowledge.”

Among the changes are two major elements. In addition to receiving credit based on attendance and an ecclesiastic endorsement from a branch president or bishop, seminary students will be required to read the book of scripture they are studying for the year, as well as pass course-learning assessments.

“We’d like to help [students] elevate [their] learning experience. We want to help [them] become more converted, have more confidence in the scriptures, in [their] ability [to navigate] the scriptures and to be able to use that to bless [their] life,” said Brother Davis.

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