9 Things You Don’t Want to Happen on a Sunday Morning

With all the pre-planning you do to help keep your Sunday mornings as smooth as possible, there are always things that come up, especially if you have children.  Here is our list of 9 things you don’t want to happen on a Sunday morning:

Your child tells you they have to talk in Primary while you are driving to church.

You sleep in just to remember you have the opening prayer.
racing car



Right before you are walking out the door you step in a wet spot



You are getting dressed and realize you have a hole in your nylons



You pull up to the church and realize there is a farewell and you have to park a mile away.


You have to put the finishing touches on your lesson still
typing fast



You are about to eat breakfast when your parents remind you that it’s Fast Sunday.
When our parents tell us its fast sunday



Your two year old woke up on the wrong side of the bed and is refusing to go to church.




You get to church and realize it’s not fast Sunday and now you are starving.


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