How Living the Law of Tithing Led to Becoming a Billionaire


An amazing example of how following the principles of the Lord and having trust and faith in Him will lead you to great things, whatever they may be.

Carlos Wizard Martins learned to work at an early age. His father drove a truck from town to town in Brazil selling goods and

young Carlos would go with him during school breaks. Far from a vacation, Carlos would go into the stores, take orders and deliver the goods while his father sat in the truck listening to the radio.

“My father was awakening in me a sense of responsibility and a spirit of initiative,” Martins wrote in an email interview with the Deseret News. “Without knowing it, I was learning how to sell, to negotiate, to offer a product. My dad calmly waited for the results. He didn’t go with me. He trusted me and didn’t interfere. The choices where mine. It was a lesson for a lifetime.”


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