David Archuleta Has Been Busy Since Coming Home From His Mission

David Archuleta Since He Has Been Back Home

David hasn’t wasted any time since coming home from his mission and getting right back to where he was. Kudos to David and we wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.


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Donating Blood

Taking some time out of his busy schedule to help save a life. “Donating some blood with the Red Cross and drinking some juice. I don’t LOVE needles, but it’s nice to know that a little sacrifice goes a long way for someone else”



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David Having a Live Chat with the Youth

“Had an awesome time at the youth face2face chat. Here with the moderators Young Men’s General President Brother David L. Beck, Young Women’s General President Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson and Hermana Denisse Posse Lindberg. Thanks to those who tuned in last night and asked questions! Refreshing to open up and talk about my mission . If you couldn’t watch or want to watch again you can go to Jovenes.lds.org for Spanish or Youth.lds.org for English.”

David’s Military Tour

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“First stop of the military tour in Bahrain was a success. Aside from the amazing time performing, thought I’d share some side pics: We saw the Grand Mosque there, visited the Tree of Life– a tree growing out in the middle of nowhere in the desert, and also got a tour from some of the service men of where they work. I’ll make sure to post pictures of some of the performing, and with the service men and women later on.”

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Hello Djibouti. Staying in these CLU’s (Containerized Living Units)


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David Archuleta since his mission (8)
“Visited the EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) specialists in our last stop of the military tour: Djibouti. I can’t believe the way these guys put themselves in such dangerous situations to save lives of people they don’t even know. They had me try on this 90-pound bomb suit that I could barely walk in and was sweating a ton– I cannot imagine trying to detonate a bomb in it.”

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Getting some French toast with his sister.

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Hollywood. Welcomed a friend back home this weekend who got back from his mission. Took a walk around the Griffith Observatory after.

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2 Replies to “David Archuleta Has Been Busy Since Coming Home From His Mission”

  1. He’s also helping the sister missionaries teach his grandpa the gospel! A girl I know is serving a mission there and he passes them all the time and yells hello and then sometimes stops and helps them knock doors. Awesome.

  2. Ah you missed Costa Rica! David went to Costa Rica for a couple of days, apparently to record something (we are hoping it was a Spanish music video but we don’t know). He had one day home before he headed to the Middle East. Besides the military tour, the four guys in the show (Dan Clark, David Archuleta, Jason Hewlett and Dean Kaelin) also did a couple of Firesides – I think one in Bahrain and one in Ethiopia during a 10-hour layover on the way home (after which David was recognized in an Ethiopian restaurant and ended up singing for the patrons with Dean Kaelin and an Ethiopian band as backup). David also visited some groups in Utah and California, the most recent being visiting the One Voice Children’s Choir to help inspire them before a big audition they have coming up. BTW if anyone is one Twitter or Instagram, David’s id is DavidArchie

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