Things Only Mormon Missionaries Will Understand

How we feel sometimes doing the Lord’s work.How we feel sometimes doing the Lord's work



Realizing this is God’s work and it is the Spirit that converts not the missionaries.  

Realizing that this is God's work when sending 18 and 19 year olds out on a missions



When we actually engage in bible bashing for the first time, it usually ends up looking something like this.

When we get into an argument with our companion

Having learned our lesson, the next time someone tries to bible bash with us.

Our reaction when people try to bible bash with us

When an investigator randomly doesn’t show up to an appointment.

When an investigator doesn't show up for an appointment

When we run into the JW’s tracting the same street as us. 

Seeing our ex right after breaking up with them in the Singles Ward

When an investigator finally says yes to a baptismal commitment. 

When the investigator says yes to our baptismal committment

Eating any meal at the MTC

Meal time at the MTC

When we learn that we are being transferred after only being in the area for one transfer period. 

Our reaction when there were no new temple announcements

When we finally have to say goodbye to the people we have been serving for the last 2 years. 

how we feel when we have to leave the people we have served for 2 years

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5 Replies to “Things Only Mormon Missionaries Will Understand”

  1. “Tracking”? I can honestly say I never ‘tracked’ a single person on my mission, and I never ran into a JW Squanto either. I went TRACTING plenty, but although I was a boy scout, I never did learn to track.

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