Emma Smith and Her Song That You Will Never Forget

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Every year around this time as we start to celebrate the Pioneers and talk and sing about the Pioneers in church, one person always comes to my mind. Emma Smith. I have such a love and respect for her. Emma was disowned by her father when she married Joseph, she gave birth to 6 children that later died. Her husband was arrested and involved in 225 court cases throughout their marriage, he was later murdered leaving her alone and pregnant.

I can’t imagine what kind of life Emma had. But I do know that no matter what hardship she was faced with, she was always there willing to help out someone in need. She opened her home to sick people and spent her time taking care of others. I know that her and Joseph were a team in bringing this gospel back to the Earth. She was always there for him and supported him.

A great place to read all about Emma Smith’s life is on a site called Women in the Scriptures. You can get to that post by clicking here. As we celebrate the Pioneers during the month of July which is also Emma’s birth month (July 10th) please remember this wonderful lady and all that she did to help restore the gospel for all of us.

Here is a tribute to her with one of my very favorite songs. It’s one of those that once you hear it, you’ll never forget it.



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