The Best of the Best of “Things Only Mormons Would Understand”

When Our New Co-Worker Doesn’t Realize That We Are LDS as Well.



When our friends ask us why we are using physical scriptures instead of the electronic ones.


Trying not to spill our food on the drive home from the ward picnic.



When we hear our child crying in nursery

cat looking


How we feel when we are leaving to go home from EFY.



How we feel right after General Conference is finished.



When the Nursery Leader brings in our baby.

pushing leo



When we are asked how many kids we have

Mormonism and Mormon Culture



5 minutes into teaching nursery for the first time.





How you feel when you start off your Sacrament talk with a joke and no one laughs.

Mormon Culture



When your kids try to sneak off during Sacrament meeting.

When our kids try to sneak out early from Sacrament Meeting


Right as we are about to eat ice cream, our friend reminds us that we haven’t blessed the food

When we are about to eat our ice cream and someone tells us it hasn't been blessed yet


Coming home from Sacrament Meeting on Fast Sunday

What we did as kids when our parents told us lunch was ready on Fast Sunday

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