“I Wanna Quit!”


Editor’s Note: A great piece written by Erika on her blog and hopefully will help those parents who might be finding themselves in a similar position. 

We have all heard this statement before right? As a first time mom, I am obsessed with Parent Magazine. As I was flipping through the August issue, I came across an article that captured my attention. It seems like I have at least one parent every year call me halfway through the year wondering what to do about her dancer who is wanting to quit for one reason or another. There is such a fine line between pushing your child and giving in to your child. Where exactly is that line? How do you know when it’s okay to let your child drop an activity? Or when is it best to make her stick it out? I hope I can give you a couple ideas to help get you through those rough days where your dancers leotard is covered in chocolate, her ballet bun isn’t quite right, and she is crying all the way to the studio…

A Little Nervous or Deeply Anxious?

To read the rest of this great article, head over to Erika’s Dance Studio Blog


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