When They Lowered the Missionary Age for Young Women.

Notable Church Announcements

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When they lowered the missionary age for young men.

Notable Church Announcements


How the Missionary Department Reacted to the News

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When President Hinckley Announced that We Would Build 100 Temples By the End of 2000




How the Department Responsible for Building Those Temple Reacted When President Hinckley Made the Announcement. 




When President Hinckley Announced the Institution of the Perpetual Education Fund




When The Church Announced They Would Have Wi-fi Access In Church Buildings




When the Church Announced it was Creating 58 New Missions Due to the Surge of New Missionaries. 




When We Found Out that David Archuleta Had Come Home Off His Mission




When The Church Announced It Was Expanding the Quorum of the Seventy.
When our Sunday School teacher brings treats for class

When The Church Officially Announced That There Were More Members Living Outside the U.S. Than Within



When President Kimball Announced that All Worthy Men Would Have the Opportunity to Hold the Priesthood.