Venting on Facebook About My Husband

venting on facebook

Editor’s Note: A great post by LDS Living about the problems we face when we take private matters and make them public.


This time last year, a study came out linking Facebook to divorce. Only two years before that in 2011, we learned that one-third of divorces now mention Facebook in the proceedings, up from one-fifth in 2009.

Back in 2010 when I was a newlywed, I learned why.

I can’t recall what exactly I posted, but I do remember that my husband and I’d had a disagreement and that I decided to vent about my perspective on my Facebook wall. I took precaution to make sure he was excluded from the posting (so he couldn’t see my rant), but anyone else I was Facebook friends with—my friends, my husband’s friends, our family members—could check their newsfeed and know that we were arguing, and that I was upset.

Thankfully, instead of validating my anger, the very first comment went something like this: “Not sure that this is something appropriate for you to put on Facebook.”

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