Mormon Culture

Hilarious Truths About Mormon Culture

Mormon Culture


When your parents tell an embarrassing moment about you during their Sacrament Talk.



How you feel when you start off your Sacrament talk with a joke and no one laughs.

how you feel when you open your sacrament talk with a joke and no one laughs



When you read a prank story talking saying that David Archuleta was called to be a bishop.

Our reaction after being pranked about David Archuletta being called as a bishop



When you read the comments section in any online forum concerning the church.

Reading comments in any forum about our religion



When your kids tell you for the 1,000,000th time that they are hungry after Fast Sunday as you are in the middle of preparing their lunch.

When our kids are wining for food as we are opening the frig to give them their food



When your kids try to sneak off during Sacrament meeting.

When our kids try to sneak out early from Sacrament Meeting



When you get your mission call.

When we get our mission call



When you show up to a church event and realize that nobody brought treats.

When we go to an FHE with no treats



When you are running late for church and stub your pinky toe on the corner of a wall.

When we stub our pinky toe on the corner of a wall



What we want to say when people start to go off on random rants when answering a simple Sunday School question

dude chill

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4 Replies to “Hilarious Truths About Mormon Culture”

  1. They are so true! I love the monkey mom GIF xD
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face today 🙂

  2. The first two about giving a talk and the one about fasting are all fairly unique to the LDS culture. I’d imagine the rest are fairly true for anyone who regularly attends church with their family. (Which, sadly, is a diminishing population.)

  3. Or not having many beehives in your ward and then being the only one to show up to a beehives-only activity… Or is that just me? :/

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