LDS Church Statement: Voicing Your Opinion Online

LDS Church Statement: Voicing Your Opinion Online

LDS Church: Voicing Your Opinion Online…EncouragedLDS Church Statement: Voicing Your Opinion Online

LDS Church Spokesperson Jessica Moody issued the following statement Thursday in response to media inquiries concerning the ability of church members to raise questions and seek answers in the church


As quoted in the Deseret News:

First, there is no effort to tell local leaders to keep members from blogging or discussing questions online. On the contrary, Church leaders have encouraged civil online dialogue, and recognize that today it’s how we communicate and discuss ideas with one another. Our whole Church was founded on the basis of sincere questions asked by a 14-year-old boy. Having questions and seeking answers is normal. Within those earnest questions may lie the seeds of faith.

The scriptures are full of examples of how to receive answers to our questions — to find truth and align our will with God’s — and that process includes studying, praying, learning and discussing Church doctrines. Millions of people do this throughout their lives. How and why one asks is as important as the questions we’re asking. What causes concern for Church leaders is when personal motivations drive those conversations beyond discussion, and a person or group begins recruiting others to insist on changes in Church doctrines or structure. When it goes so far as creating organized groups, staging public events to further a cause or creating literature for members to share in their local congregations, the Church has to protect the integrity of its doctrine as well as other members from being misled.

As a Church, Moody says the leaders are always looking for ways to improve the cultural elements of the LDS community that are not doctrine.

Moody did not specifically address any individuals as they are personal matters to be handled by the local leadership.

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