10 Worst People to be Stuck With at a Linger-Longer

A humorous write up by our friends at LDS.net.

10 Worst People to be Stuck With at a Linger-Longer

1. Bishop


Be careful…or just make sure you have a talk on hand and are ready to be called as the new Elders Quorum or Relief Society President.


2. The Playa


He took out your three other roommates within the last week and you may just be his next victim…

3. The One-Upper

Have a cool story? Received a good grade? Met a super attractive girl? No, you didn’t. 

4. The RM who doesn’t realize he (or she) is home.


“So this one time on the mission…” every time his (or her) mouth opens.


To read the rest of this humorous piece, check out the full article at LDS.net


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2 Replies to “10 Worst People to be Stuck With at a Linger-Longer”

  1. Maybe we should be focusing on humor that uplifts instead of perpetuating negative stereotypes. Just a thought.

  2. I had a friend that was going to get baptized until he saw this post perpetuating negative stereotypes…oh wait that never happened ever. Fun post, keep it up!

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