Our Father, The King

This is a beautiful post made by a great friend. I love how she portrays how she is feeling into written words. I can feel my Heavenly Father’s love for me when  I read this and wanted to share that amazing feeling. This is a post she made about our Father in heaven for Father’s day.


By Brynn Stringham from Ruminations for the Heart
I will never forget it.  It was the darkest of nights. My busted heart crowded with sorrow in such a way I thought it would rupture.  The circumstances of life were dire.  I was petrified.  I was perplexed.  I was alone.  When the grief seemed as if it would suffocate me, my knees fell to the ground.  There I knelt, weeping.  I remember being confused how I even arrived to my knees.  It was a pose I had not assumed in such a long stretch of time.  It was as though my distressing heart had fiercely implored my brain to force my knees to bend.  It knew that upon them, it would find alleviation.  I had felt the pleadings of my suffering heart many times up to this experience.  It begged for release, and worked vigorously to diminish my unyielding stubbornness.  I had memorized the way it labored to bring me to Him, but I continuously fled.  I was terrified, and convinced, that He, too, held only broken love for me.  How could I manage such a fate?  In my mind I determined to escape another rejection, desperately seeking to evade an additional desertion.  How would one exist after the forsaking of their Creator?  My perspective was irreversibly damaged.  My heart seemed to recognize the impending finalization of the moment, and in a last attempt, pushed me to my knees, hoping that the truth which was buried deep inside it, would be realized upon them.  Almost immediately, as though I had never missed a moment, my eyes turned upward, my mouth opened, and every word that escaped was designed for Him. 

You can read the rest of her article here at Ruminations For the Heart.

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