My DIY Frozen Birthday Party!

Frozen Birthday Party (2)My cute little Aubrey just turned two and I decided to throw a Frozen birthday for her since she is obsessed with the movie and walks around waving her little arms singing “wet it OOOO” (her version of Let it Go!) So of course I jumped on Pinterest and there were tons of awesome ideas. BUT some of them are so darn expensive and not to mention difficult to make. I promise if I even attempted half of the ideas on there then this would be another one of my Pinterest Fail posts! Ha ha!


So here are my Pinterest finds that were within my budget and capability as well as a couple ideas of my own. Now you can see that anyone can throw a Pinterest worthy party!


As far as invitations I just sent out an invite on Facebook since it was pretty much all family. But I did try to tie in the theme by saying come get frozen in Summer with our little “ice queen”! I thought that would be cute on invitations as well.

Then I found these fun food ideas that went along with the movie. I made some signs to put with them and they were easy, cheap, and turned out cute and yummy!

Could it get any easier? Sandwiches from one of the songs in Frozen.

Frozen Birthday Party (6)



I made little Olaf’s with cheese sticks and just drawing little dots for a face and tying a ribbon around it for a scarf. The kids loved these and even though they were a little more time consuming, they were a big hit!

Frozen Birthday Party (3)



My daughter, niece and nephew did these. We just dipped strawberries in melted white chocolate then sprinkled on some blue sprinkles for that extra frozen look and they turn into frozen hearts! Don’t look to closely, only about the first 5 turned out pretty! But in the end it didn’t really matter, they all looked cute together. Someday I will work on my fruit dipping skills! Oh and they tasted so good 🙂

Frozen Birthday Party (1)



Throw some baby carrots on a plate and you have Olaf’s nose!

Frozen Birthday Party (5)



We had “melted snow” for a drink. I tied cute little straws to mine just for fun but it was time consuming and not really necessary. I just picked an image off Google, typed the message on, printed them and taped them around the water bottles.

Frozen Birthday Party (14)


Here is a closer look:

Frozen Birthday Party (15)



We also had blue jello which were “ice cubes” and a bunch of other food that didn’t really go with the theme or had a sign but just made the dinner seem complete. Dinner turned out so good and was cheap and easy to make!


So as far as decorations and activities, here is what I ended up doing. My favorite thing I saw on Pinterest were these cute snowballs strung to make it snow.  Here is what they look like:

Frozen Birthday Party (8)


I hung them above my island over the food.

Frozen Birthday Party (7)


They turned out so cute and were such a statement piece. They were the first thing everyone noticed when they walked in and they were super easy to make. You just take some cotton balls (I used two different sizes),  scotch tape, fishing line and a sewing needle. I just cut the string to the length I wanted. Put a small piece of tape around the bottom then thread the line through my needle. Then you just string the cotton balls just like beads. Wherever you want a cotton ball to stop just put a small piece of tape there and then push the cotton ball down around the tape. It will keep the cotton ball from sliding down and hide the tape at the same time. Just be careful to not let them get tangled! These turned out to be my favorite thing I made.


I also thought snowflakes would be cute to hang. So I asked my niece to cut out some of those snowflakes that you make in Elementary school and this is what she ended up making for me. I didn’t know I was dealing with a snowflake artist!!

Frozen Birthday Party (10)

She made three of them so we hung them above the table. I loved them!!


So this is something I do for pretty much every birthday in our home. I love string balloons and hanging them. I usually do them all over the place. Above every door, down railings, etc. But this time I just did them across the mantle. I think they are so cute and easy. Just use your fishing line and needle and string the balloons through and hang them. Balloons are super cheap and you can get them in pretty much every color.

Frozen Birthday Party (13)



You can get the print out of Olaf  here. I think he is so cute so we made a few of these and hung them around. I put one on my front door to welcome everyone.

Frozen Birthday Party (9)



I also made some extra copies and left them on the table with some scissors and glue so anyone could make their own Olaf. The kids loved this and spent a lot of time quietly cutting out their Olaf’s. Score!!

Frozen Birthday Party (16)



I also did these little snowman kits to build your own snowman but we just didn’t have time so they turned into party favors and were sent home! I just threw some marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, pretzel sticks, and an orange jelly bean (you can get these in the bins at Winco) into a bag. Then just Googled another Frozen image, printed it out and popped it on. They were so easy and the kids were so excited to take them home!

Frozen Birthday Party (17)



The last thing we did was play “Let it Go” . Each child got a balloon and then we turned on the song Let it Go from the movie and when they heard the music they had to let their balloon go and try to keep it in the air. When the music stopped they had to hurry and grab it and hold it until the music started again and they could let it go! Okay, remember this was for a two year old’s birthday party but I am telling you, every single kid (ages 1 to 9) got so into it and they loved it! It was so funny watching all those balloons go up into the air at the same time!! It was a perfect game! 🙂

Frozen Birthday Party (12)


Okay so there you have it, my DIY Frozen birthday party! It took a few days of work and planning but it was all really easy and I only spent about $50.00 total. Hopefully this will help you get started on something fun for your family!

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