5 Famous RMs share their testimony on YouTube

Ever seen Ephraim’s Rescue, Studio C or Divine Comedy?  Here you can watch and listen to testimonies of some well-known returned missionaries who participated in these productions.


But here you won’t find them acting. Here you’ll find them sharing their sincere testimony of the Gospel. In particular, you’ll hear them share their testimony relating to missionary work (all of them are returned missionaries and had a moment to share a message of advice/testimony for pre-missionaries).

Later this week, we’re going to interview another very well-known returned missionary.

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The five RMs showcased here are:

Now for the testimonies…

Famous RMs share testimony on missionary work

Stacey Harkey’s Testimony

T.C. Christensen’s Testimony

Dallyn Vail Bayles’ Testimony

Stephen Jones’ Testimony

Bryson Frehner’s Testimony

*Click here to watch videos with more than 180 returned missionaries. The 200th video interview should be uploaded this week.

Also, if you have any personal connection with a well-known Latter-day Saint who served a mission, feel free to email me at [email protected] . We’d love to interview them about their mission.


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